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What We Do

Boost income per hectare with environmentally friendly solutions designed for growers and farmers


We stay attuned to market trends by listening closely to consumer requirements and needs. Engaging with growers, farmers, and planters, we relay their feedback to breeders, ensuring we match the best plants to their needs. Our advanced technology accelerates the go-to-market cycle. Additionally, we actively promote new varieties from breeders, expediting their market entry. We participate in international exhibitions to stay connected and showcase innovations.

Breeding & Selection

We foster long-term partnerships with plant breeders, providing comprehensive support throughout the breeding process to develop plants that meet the precise needs of growers and customers.

Initiation & Propagation

We excel in initiating genetics into tissue culture, allowing the propagation of large quantities of clean, stable, and healthy plants with consistent reliability. From initiation and multiplication to root formation and hardening, we meticulously manage each stage of the tissue culture process. Plants are maintained in sterile, aseptic conditions from the laboratory to the greenhouse, ensuring they are disease-free and well-acclimatized. This meticulous care results in significant cost savings for our clients.

Hardening & Calibration

To help our customers maximize plant production with shorter growth periods, we ship calibrated young plants globally, ensuring they arrive ready to thrive.

Worldwide Distribution & Logistics

Our team can handle the complex logistics of cross-border plant transfers in collaboration with your logistics officer. From our facilities, we can ship starter plants anywhere in the world, with air transport being the most efficient method for our plant category.

Customer Service & Growing

We closely monitor the growth of our plants in your greenhouse, field, or plantation. We are dedicated to finding specific growing solutions for any issues you encounter with our delivered starter plants, ensuring their success in your environment.

Gene Bank & Cleaning

Our gene bank offers top-tier genetic preservation using cutting-edge technology across two (optional) locations. Many clients utilize this service to secure their proprietary genetics, ensuring they remain exclusively theirs.

In addition to genetic storage, we provide pathogen testing, virus elimination, and maintenance of clean material, preparing it for potential tissue culture production.

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