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We make it happen and easy for you

Chemistry Class


Let's clone it !

We develop plant propagation protocols for your specific variety plant based on our extended protocol bank, our experienced team and network of scientists. Not only Laboratory regeneration and propagation protocols, but we look at the end to end process up to the rooting in greenhouse or field nurseries

New Growth


Let's go for your own propagation !

We provide you Turnkey Laboratory and Greenhouse for starter plant production, helping you to maximize your chance of success. We design the right facilities for your specific crop and supply advanced management tool and staff training as well as starting plant material. We make it happen and easy.

Our technical team provides assistance in the design and construction of the tissue culture laboratories worldwide. From the basic efficient well working technologies to the latest available technologies, we adjust together the sizing and technology requirements related to your objectives and constraints.

Our laboratory team provides you clean stock starter material to begin production without precious and costly time which enable you to scale up quicker

Our Operational Management team support you in the recruitment, training and management of your human capital, besides providing you the software to manage your new laboratory.

Image by Li Yang


Let's Take Leadership in the New Pacific !

We help you to enter the vibrant and growing Chinese consumer market. We have production facilities located in one of the largest agriculture area of China. Our Marketing team will define with you the right strategy for your crop and our Administration Team will take care of Plant Breeders' Right Registration process.

We export in the entire Asia-Pacific area, you may access Japan, Korea, Australia, etc. from our operational bases

China needs green more than ever. The new generation is fully eco-oriented and adopt life-style aligned with their believes thanks to the increase of its disposal income. The government is more than ever always creating green areas improving comfort for its people. Be part of it. We bring in your premium plants. Contact Us !

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