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Our Core Technology

Plant invitro tissue culture is the quickest and most reliable method to market a large quantity of a unique new plant addressing consumer’s requirements

Tissue culture technology is at the core of our propagation methods, offering numerous advantages over traditional techniques:

  • Identical Plant Replicas: Tissue culture ensures the production of genetically identical plant replicas, maintaining consistency and quality.

  • Large Quantities Quickly: We can rapidly generate large quantities of plants, meeting the demands of large-scale operations.

  • Matching Planting Period for profitable selling period: calibrated young plants from tissue culture are delivered at the right planting period to match the selling windows for the best prices.

  • Propagation Without Seeds: Tissue culture allows us to propagate plants without the need for seeds, making it ideal for plants with low-germination rates.

  • Cultivation from Low-Germination Seeds: We can cultivate plants from seeds that typically have low germination rates, ensuring a higher success rate.

  • Regeneration from Rare Specimens: Tissue culture enables the regeneration of entire plants from unique or rare specimens, preserving valuable genetic material.

  • Disease-Free Plants: Our tissue culture process purges plants of viral and other infections, ensuring healthy and robust plants.

  • Balanced Growth: Without the stress of viral infections, and with a heathier root system, plant can grow more uniformly and efficiently.

  • Embryo rescue made possible: it is an in vitro technique to grow out weak or immature embryos that would normally not survive. This makes interspecific hybridization possible, crossings between different ploidy levels, preserve embryo’s of fruits that would otherwise abort

  • Sterilized Containers: We use sterilized containers to prevent disease from spreading during relocation, ensuring the health of your plants

  • Etc… and many other

We are offer you access to the advantages of Tissue Culture with specific products and services

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